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Hosting is like renting space on a computer in the never-never that you then “put” your website files onto – which allows everyone to see it. Again you only ever rent your hosting (you can actually buy it but that is very expensive and not required for most small businesses). Hosting is usually purchased on a monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly basis. Costs can vary.

Web Squared currently offers a hosting service using the company KDA Web Services and TSOHOST. But we also work with other hosting companies if you have already purchased it.

There are two main types of hosting, Unix and Windows (Unix is usually cheaper and better whereas Windows uses Microsoft software so the costs can be higher.) Most small business find Unix perfectly acceptable.

You also have the choice of virtual or dedicated, virtual hosting means you share a computer with 50/100 other companies, and the price is pretty small – or dedicated which means you have the computer just for yourself, the costs are higher but you don’t need to worry about anyone else making a mistake on your “computer”. Again most small business virtual hosting is the norm and perfectly acceptable.

What are bandwidth, web space and data transfer?

Hosting, like most things online, do have a lot of jargon, below are a few simple layman explanations:

Still confused? Well no need to worry contact us and we will sort it all out for you – at the best possible price.