What’s a Weblog or Blog

A blog is basically an online diary, this means that you can keep a daily journal or your business or your life and let people see it and read it – and comment too.


Blogs are a great way of contacting your customers on a different level – allow them you reply – give comments and let you know what you think. If you have a knowledge that others would find value – then write about it. Its like having your own column!

The best things its great for attracting attention from search engines and customers.

Its quick and its simple BUT it does take a commitment to write in it daily, weekly or monthly – or whatever length or period you determine.

To set up a blog your server must have PHP and MySQL, see hosting for more details.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a fantastic piece of software that is well maintained and well managed and pretty simple to use. Whilst the software itself is free I do charge to set up the site, create and install your own template (which you can purchase template I rarely do this as I would prefer you had exactly what you wanted vs someones else’s – plus this way your website looks like your website and no one else’s!)