WordPress 5.0 is released – Gutenberg is here!

Do you love it or hate it? or not yet made a decision? Let me know

We knew it’s been coming for a while and there has it’s a real marmite situation – love it or hate it people have strong opinions either way

What is it? – its a replacement for the TEXT / VISUAL editor of WordPress

How is it different? – basically it’s supposed to a simpler way to create good looking websites using “blocks” like building blocks, they allow a “joe public” type user to create good looking websites.

Why? – I believe that it started due to the popularity of page builders like (WP Bakery and Visual Composer) which allows clients to simply and easily include fancy jquery style items, parallax imagery, blog posts that bounce around, sliders that swipe in – all without short codes or plugins

But that’s good right makes things easier? – I am not too sure – I used to be able to say to my clients – if you can use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress – that’s not the case any more sadly…

I need to work with Gutenberg more to whether I can make it work for my customers, but personally I find most page builders harder to work with but most of all they are SLOW! and one thing that can kill an excellent website is slowness

What can you do though? not update?

The thing with WordPress is its popular VERY popular – and when you get something that popular people like to attack it – hackers etc – so its always been a mantry of mine with any WordPress website is – keep it up to date – always…

BUT before you go and update your website you need to know if it’s going to work with your website – many pre purchased themes don’t yet work with Gutenberg though.. so the news isn’t good

There are still a large number of plugins that don’t work with Gutenberg either

All is not lost though there are 2 plugins that you can install that will disable gutenberg – or at least give you the classic editor back

Install one of those 2 plugins, take backup and backups and test your site in a staging system with WordPress 5.0 and then upgrade

No it’s not simple but it does need to be done!

Need a hand- give me a call – but good luck!