Stock photos – what’s best to use

You cannot just go and use any photo that you find online, long gone are the days when you google images and used them on your website. That can get you into some serious hot water!

As photos are hugely important when it comes to websites – you need to make sure the images you do use are good quality and say exactly what you want them to say.

You have all seen those websites that have poor quality, fuzzy or bad images! you remember them – even if you don’t remember the sites with great imagery. Would you trust and buy from Amazon if the images looked awful?

So in comes stock photography website – many you will have heard about in the news (images by gettyimage.. or video by.. )

Here are some of the sites that I think are worth using

  • My personal choice –
  • Was my previous favourite until the prices went sky high – whist I agree that photographers need to get paid for quality work but buying A0 size imagery when you only need a thumbnail seemed excessive

Most sites offer you two ways of purchasing imagery – pay a monthly fee and get XX downloads or pay as you go. You can pay as little as £1.50 per image or well as high as you like!

You must always always make sure that you read the terms and conditions and the license requirements of what you can and cannot do with the purchased images – generally you are not allowed to resell them or use them in a bigger size than you purchased them.

Are there other sites that you use for stock photography? I’d love to hear about them.