Google reviews …. the link

It has been something that has bugged me for a while – why doesn’t Google make it simple for you to ask your customer for a Google review?

We all know that the more Google Reviews the better we are seen in Google – not sure why they make it difficult.. but anyway I finally had chance and a thought to see what I could find out.

Here is the answer

don’t forget this only will work if you have a Google place account for your business

1. First you need to find your place ID, go here Google Maps API – just click the link

2. Once there type in the search box for your company name.. in the map below you will see your name and your place ID

3. Copy that place ID ie ChIJ52jZaZCodkgRUglEXziSpzk

4. Then insert that ID into this link

So I would get

That’s it! Send that link to your customers and ask them kindly for a review