January 14th 2020 – Windows 7 is no more

One of my favourite Windows’ operating system – Windows 7 – will no longer be supported, will no longer have security updates, in fact it’ll be the end of Windows 7 as we know it.

January 14th, 2020 – an important date!

Why is this important?

We saw it with Vista and XP, as soon as Microsoft stopped supporting them and stopped creating security updates – it was open season for the hackers!

So please don’t leave yourself open to losing everything! Upgrade to Window’s 10 asap

And if you are not comfortable doing that – I can help – well actually Ann can! Ann and I have worked together for years, we support each other and so if you personal or business need a hand upgrading your systems to Windows 10 – give Ann a shout at YourITWorkplace.