A bit of a buzz word but also pretty important, so what does it mean? Accessibility is basically how easy to use the website is. And this doesn’t only mean simple navigation, number of clicks – but also whether its viewable to people with speech browsers, text only browsers as well in different browser types – Internet Explorer, Firefox and others.

Not every website that looks good – works well too, only by using good practices, up to date standards and code does this happen. You should always employs these on every website and if you want to add something to your site that might impinge on this – its always worth thinking hard about it.

just because you like it doesn’t mean your customers will

I know why wouldn’t people like flashing imagery – or scrolling text – or even text that scrolls across the screen! When you only have 3 seconds to convince a potential new customer that you are worthy of their money, do you really want to dilute that impact with potential distractions on your website?

Never forget that the customer might never have seen your products before – unlike you will know them inside out!

A bit like buying a rental property its worth thinking about your customers needs as well as yours.