Flashing adverts

Its a personal bug bear to me – that when I am trying to read a website I am constantly distracted by an advert – that is flashing and catching my eye.

If that is your advert – do you think GREAT its catching your eye?
Or do we then think – would anyone buy from an advert that annoyed them?

Me I am all for the second – I am gone from that site maybe never to return…

So when thinking about adverts or items on your own website – make sure that you are thinking of your audience and not just the money side of things

If its annoying for YOU on other sites – don’t do it on your own site.

I have to admit Facebook is one of the best places for adverts – as I can hide the ones that I find annoying or misleading or just don’t want to look at them – its a shame more website don’t allow that type of functionality – as I believe that people will soon learn which adverts work and which ones don’t.

Next time that you are surfing the web – try to think what annoys you or even better what you like about the sites that you visit – and try to apply those thoughts to your own site


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