Back ups.. do you do them

I know its not really JUST a website issue – but covers everything to do with computers

So do YOU back up?

How often?

Basically if you don’t back up then if something does happen to you – emails, images, photos or website – how would you get it back!?

Its a scary thing when your internet goes down – imagine how scary if your computer breaks down..

So how can you back up?

there are many many ways to back up – however here are some small tips that might help you – without costing a fortune!

Buy a external hard drive – not as scary as you think – and for about £35 you can pick up a terrabyte (1T) of space for you to save everything onto! Its easy (just plug in via USB cable) and copy your files across – then once your done you can unplug it and put it somewhere safe!

Google “external hard drives” for lots of ones you can purchase – or works for and even your local Staples store will also do them!

Bit technical but get USB2.0 if possible

Now how to copy your files across – basically you don’t want to have to backup EVERYTHING everytime – that would take forever – hence is a great piece of software that you can install that compare the old files to the new ones and then only copies across changes files or new files!

I know simple isn’t it!

Its called GoodSync and I think its certainly worth buying! $29.95 bargain at that I think!

So don’t forget BACKUP BACKUP NOW!

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