Rachel Mullins Photography

Client Name: Rachel Mullins
Domain name: www.rachelmullinsphotography.co.uk
Date Started: July 2010
Date Live: Ongoing
Website Type: New static website (with CMS possibilities)

The Brief:

Rachel is a lovely and very talented Photography base in Hungerford and surrounding areas. I met Rachel at a local networking meeting because she was having some issues with her new website. So we sat down and talked about what the problem was and how best to resolve it.

It turned out that the best way for us to move forward was for us to start again!

This isn’t something I do lightly – where possible I always look to work with any site or code that the client already has – however in some cases that is just not possible!

The Work:

Rachel has a strong background in artworking and design – which meant that she had a very fixed idea in her head of how she wanted her website to look. Her logo had already been designed so after getting a copy of her logo and talking through in details with Rachel on how she wanted her website to look – I started the design.

The design was actually pretty easy in comparison – purely as Rachel was quite clear and what she wanted and she didn’t want – and as my motto says – what the client wants the client gets!

As the very nature of Rachel’s business the imagery really had to speak on this website, now all website need some content – but in this case the pictures needed to speak loudest. I ended up creating some simple flash galleries for Rachel so that she could display as much artwork as she wanted to new or potential clients – but without them being overloaded and having to look at page after page after page.

The follow up:

Rachel’s website has continued to grow has her own business has grown. Rachel now can display her pictures online – password protected – for each client, can display the testimonials with imagery from her own clients – as well as displayed pictures that people can buy directly from her website – check out Rachel’s buy now page.

I have also helped Rachel out with her social media – Facebook and LinkedIn as well as twitter and we constantly catch up and talk over how Rachel can move her business forward online. I can give her ideas on what is happening in the online world and Rachel’s tie that into her own business! Its certainly a business of two halves!

I have since completing Rachel’s website had her complete a photoshoot for me as well as a number of my friends – in each case her work is amazing and she is able to capture the moment so easily – and doesn’t mind putting herself out to make sure she gets THAT shot!

If you want to know more – check out her website: www.rachelmullinsphotography.co.uk

What the customer said:

I hired Sarah to help me launch my photographic company online. She took the upmost care and attention in listening to what I wanted and how I wanted the site to be portrayed. I am nothing but thrilled with what Sarah has done, time and time again, she never disappoints and is fantastic at what she does! You won’t find another web designer as reliable, friendly, accessible and efficient as Sarah! She is one of a kind and such a star, not sure what I’d do without her.

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