Jane Staunton Catering Company

Client Name: Jane Staunton Catering Company
Domain name: www.janestaunton.co.uk
Date Started: June 2011
Date Live: September 2011
Website Type: Static Website

The Brief:

Jane runs a catering business that deals with all sorts of events from weddings to funerals and corporate dinners and private parties, Jane already had a working website – however she wanted one that was easier to use and also up to date. Jane also required a logo design that would work on her website, van, business cards, stationery as well as her place cards and other advertising media.

The Work:

As always we start at the beginning. Jane was already using www.janestaunton.co.uk so first thing first was the logo design. To make Jane’s company stand out she wanted to make the name Jane Staunton Catering Company.

We came up with a vast variety of logos for Jane to choose from and she choose the following below:

Once the logo design had been completed we could then concentrate on the layout design. We knew what navigation as to be – so it was then quite simple to mock up a sample layout.

We used a mixture of stock images and also imagery that Jane had taken from actual events.

The final design looked like this:

Jane’s logo needed to work on a varying type of media – therefore we created her logo using black & white as well as colour – this was the main basic sample:

I then created a variety of adverts that Jane could use throughout any marketing campaigns:

The follow up:

Since the website has gone live, I have also worked with Jane on her twitter and facebook accounts, as well as helping her with Google Adwords and keeping the website up to date with new events.