Dear Henry

Client Name: Dear Henry
Domain name:
Date Started: July 2010
Date Live: July 2011
Website Type: Ecommerce website

The Brief:

The brief was actually quite simple – create a website – logo and layout design – that would allow Sam to sell greeting cards online.

Other than having the domain name everything else was up to me!

The Work:

I worked with a different designer on this job – therefore all the design and artwork was done for me, here is the final logo used:

And then the final layout of the website:

My hard work then started as I created and set up the shopping cart software, the new website hosting (as well as email accounts).

Once the software was all installed I created the template of the shop using the chosen design. I need to be aware that throughout the year various parts of the website would change – for example the background colours, stars logo and the buttons colours – these would change depending on the time of year – pink valentines, blue fathers days, therefore the template has to be really flexible to make sure that these changes were quick and simple.

As always with this type of ecommerce website the testing was the most important. Not just the testing of the functionality of the website but also testing on various browsers and mediums. As well as the client seeing the design working in situ. There were a number of changes and tweaks to the design and also the function of the website – something that looks great as a flat image doesn’t always translate to a working website, whilst I try to catch as many of those as I can quite often the client just doesn’t like the feel of it once its live.

We set up various payment options as well as shipping options – so that the client to run and use the website herself once live.

The follow up:

The site has been live almost a year now, and I have helped keep the website up to date – making colours changes as requested as well as also adding in extra functionality, occasionally making imagery changes, but also advising on search engine optimisation – how it works and how you can improve it using a web shop.

The shop has been working really well in the last year, with minimal updates from me.

What the customer said:

Thank you so much for all you hard work and patience over the past few months.
I’m truly thrilled with the site you have created!
Lets wait and see what happens now….

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