Regent Lettings

Client Name: Regent Lettings
Domain name:
Date Started: Feb 2007
Date Live: Ongoing
Website Type: Static / Dynamic Website

The Brief:

Regent Lettings is a letting and an Estate Management company based in Newbury Berkshire. When I first met Graeme and Gill the brief for their website was quite simple, they wanted a website that could display the current properties they have to let, as well as giving some general information about them and their company.

Over the number of years the website concept hasn’t changed but the size of the company has as well as the technology.

After the basic static website Graeme wanted to be able to update the properties online themselves – in a similar way they do with Rightmove and Prime Location. Graeme was using in-house software to manage their properties and after a few discussions with them I was able to create a system that worked much like Rightmove did. Which allowed the office to update the website – as and when – or on a nightly basis as standard.

This site worked exactly how we wanted it too and then in 2011 Graeme said he wanted a new look for the website – one that said “wow”…

The Work:

I started out with the Regent Lettings logo (which was not created by me)

And used that to create the latest look and feel of the website. This website had to cater for a variety of functions:

  1. general information about Regent Lettings
  2. search and locate properties to let and enquire about them
  3. provide a maintenance section that would allow tenants to upload any queries or issues to be resolved
  4. tie in with facebook, twitter and a newsletter

This is the look and feel we finally decided upon – giving Graeme his “wow” factor!

Once the look and feel had been approved I then had the task of creating the site – so that it worked on all platforms and systems!

The new site went live in December 2011.

The follow up:

Regent Lettings is a fantastic company in that it loves keeping up with technology and wants to make sure that they give their landlords and tenants the best possible service!

So at this moment in time we are concentrating on Landlords and getting as many new landlords to the website as possible – why – because there are just so many people looking to rent properties that its a win-win situation for people with houses to rent!

What the customer said:

Web squared is one of those rare, modern companies who have traditional customer service values. Sarah has created a web site for our new company Regent Lettings in Newbury and we were delighted with Sarah’s approach, delivery of service to meet with our deadline and value for money. We were so pleased, that we have retained Sarah on a monthly maintenance contract. We would strongly suggest that before you chose a web design company you should speak to Web Squared.
Graeme & Gill Leech Regent Lettings Ltd

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