Protection & Investment

Client Name: Protection & Investment Ltd
Domain name:
Date Started: Feb 2012
Date Live: July 2012
Website Type: Content Managed Website

The Brief:

Protection & Investment provides independent financial advice to businesses and consumers. Their website brief was essentially quite simple – they wanted something that was very easy to use, very simple to look through, and display all the relevant information clearly, concisely and with no fuss. Their current site they felt had too much text and content and “bits” and they wanted to consolidate the site into something more manageable.

Nick and Lisa were very clear about the design of the website – they didn’t have a logo or brand colours so I was able to have a bit of free reign there.

The Work:

Normally I would start with a logo design – however in this case the logo was not a key factor, currently using a simple black and white version for business cards and stationery. As the options are endless when it comes to logos, colours and branding I felt it best to jump straight to a layout design and see which colours/feels worked best.

Below is the final layout design:

I used a few different ideas for logos within various layouts – however the one below was the chosen design:

Once the logo and layout design was set – the next stage was too insert the layout template into the wordpress content managed system.

WordPress is a fantastic versatile content managed system for small to medium websites

This stage can be quite fiddly – because up until then the designs chosen have been static – i.e. they didn’t do anything or fit on the screen, as soon as the template was completed – as always happens – tweaks are needed!!

This stage is very important as the customer must be 100% happy with the website and this to-ing and fro-ing stage – whilst can be fiddling – also makes sure the clients does love the website when its finished!

The follow up:

The website has only just gone life – so come back later to see how the work has continued!

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