Phoenix Inventories

Client Name: Phoenix Inventories
Domain name:
Date Started: Jan 2012
Date Live: March 2012
Website Type: Static brochure style website

The Brief:

This website had a simple function – to attract more business of course – but mainly to be the shop window for current and future clients. Allow clients to review what services Phoenix Inventories offer, why they should use them, as well as show-casing some of the great testimonials received from current clients to date.

The Work:

They already had an existing logo however they wanted the old 80’s drop shadow removed from it.

I then followed up – using that clean logo – with a sample layout, we had two sample layouts and tweaked one of them until the final layout was born!

As always the design is only half the work, once this design had been signed off by Matt, the hard work began, this consists of (as a minimum);

  • Slicing the design so that you use as little images that you can – replying on a stylesheet for colour and fonts
  • Setting up the HTML code so that it conforms to the latest HTML requirements, meaning that search engines can read your code quickly and easily and don’t get bogged down in excess code which could effect rankings
  • Created and inserted the CSS stylesheet – again using up to date coding techniques – making the stylesheets easy for search engines to read
  • Adding in META tags and attributes throughout the HTML code – again making sure these reflected the current business
  • Added in Cookie compliance code and Google Analytics – allowing the client to see how many people go to his website, as well as comply with the latest EU regulations
  • Creating all the images and files that make up the website – using sensible naming techniques, e.g. calling the main logo [phoenixinventories_logo.png] not just [logo.png] makes more sense again to search engines
  • Purchasing the relevant stock photography on behalf of the client
  • and then in this case adding in links and feeds for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Once all this had been done and the content had been inserted, I was able to place the draft website on a test server to allow the client to review and make those last few changes.

After changes made and testing completed the site was then made live!

The follow up:

Since the website has gone live I have helped Matt with his twitter background and account, as well as the look and feel of his facebook account.

What the customer said:
Just some of the things Matt said throughout this whole process:

Wow!! I am very impressed. Both are excellent; my work brain is opting for Layout 1, but my weekend brain likes Layout 2. After careful consideration, I’m going for Layout 1, with it’s definite blue bordering. It has a worky impact I think.

I love the handing over key image – would like to use that or something like that if poss. Can we change the larger image at the top? I guess the images are there to suggest a layout only at this stage, right? Sorry for being so amateur !!!! I’m just very excited with what you have done – it’s great.

I’m over the moon, really. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

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