Client Name: emoquo
Domain name: www.emoquo.com
Date Started: January 2012
Date Live: March 2012
Website Type: Static website that displays video clips

The Brief:

The emoquo clients have a strong design back ground – so they knew what they wanted to the site to do , look like they just needed someone to put it together. The main focus was this site was the video wall. A page that shows the user 7 video all running at the same time! Wall of sound….

The Work:

The artwork for the logo and layout was created by the clients, once email over I get straight into creating the site itself.

This site is different in that its very visual and the videos had to play a large part. Getting videos to display and work on a website can bring its own difficulties!

Easiest way to get a video online – use YouTube! That is what they are there for – go to youtube.com create yourself an account – upload a video – use the link to view said uploaded video. And then you get the option to SHARE that video either by a link – to email you friends/clients or HTML code to embed this into any website

We didn’t use this route for the videos as they are very short and very small in size so we were able to have them located on their own server and website.

There are many ways to display a video online – up until now most of these have been using flash – which as we know doesn’t work for Apple items (ipad/iphone/mac etc) – the best piece of software that I have found that works for apple/PC and others!


You can view the live video wall here – www.emoquo.com/being-a-new-manager

The follow up:

emoquo continues to grow from strength to strength – and we are in the process of a review of the whole site based on client feedback!

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