Luke Johnson Flooring

Client Name: Luke Johnson
Domain name:
Date Started: March 2011
Date Live: Ongoing
Website Type: Updating a CMS site/creating a new site complete with CMS/Blog

The Brief:

Luke runs, owns and manages his on Flooring and carpet fitting company based in Newbury.

Luke Johnson Flooring strives to offer the very best customer service along with our highly regarded after-sales service. We provide a complete carpet fitting and floor laying service offering both supply and fit as well as fit only. We believe in fair prices and the highest possible workmanship.

Luke is a real genuine guy that works very hard to make sure all his customers are very happy with his work and that every gets that 100% satisfaction.

Luke has installed our own carpets and floors and I can say that we were very happy with the quote as well as the cost!

When I first met Luke – he already had his own content managed website using a system called Grab a Perch. To start with all Luke needed was to have some updates done on the website – new adverts, new pictures, change a few things around. As well as to tie it in with the social media – facebook and twitter that he was already doing.

The Work:

As we got to work together more and more Luke also started asking me to design some flyers, banners and leaflets for him too.

Then after just a short time Luke explained that he was thinking of revamping his website and did I have any ideas….

Daft question!

The follow up:

I set about designing a new website for Luke incorporating all the things that I knew he liked and what I had learnt about his business, his company and also him as a person.

I sent Luke the design that I wanted to use and see what he thought:

His response was “I think i might just love you a little bit Sarah!!!!” – he totally loved it – it was totally 100% him and what he wanted – but without him having to tell me what he wanted.

So with the agreed I set up creating and setting up his new site. A static website that would help with the search engines was the first point of call. I then set up the wordpress blog which would allow Luke to update his customers with tips and ideas – as well as special offers, which in turn would generate more business and better results for the search engines.

On 16 Feb 2012 the new site went live – which was just as well as Luke had a new article being run in the local paper and we had written the copy and talked about his new website.. talk about a fixed deadline! The site was up and running days before the new article came out… Success!!

What the customer said:

Up until now Sarah had been helping me manage my already existing website in which she done an amazing job, But. . .

Recently I asked Sarah to give my website a complete revamp and left everything down to her. All I did was give her a few subtle ideas of things I wanted added and she got on with the rest. The layout and overall design was up to her to decide.

Now its all done, all I can say is WOW

Everything I wanted it to be it is, Sarah really is second to none in what she does and also from past experiences VERY cost effective. Thank you very much once again Sarah.

I Always recommend Sarah to anyone needing a website and will continue to do so.

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