New TLD’s and Apple / Safari

Well most people know that I am not a huge Apple fan – to be honest the cost throws me every time – plus they do tend to try to limit the market (remember no flash for apple products!)

However now I believe that Apple really are taking the mic!

Did you know that if you have purchased one of the new TLD’s – it won’t work in your iphone, ipad or any phone or tablet that uses the safari browser

By new TLD’s I mean: .london, .photography, .guru, .photos – so instead of – it would read (don’t try it because I haven’t bought it!)

But shockingly Apple has not yet managed to patch the safari browser to accept that .photography is the same as or .com!!! Chrome, Firefox and IE (Yes IE another bad one) have managed this – but sadly not Apple

Apple have been aware of this since January 2014 – and still no fix

The solution

Yes there is a solution – and no its not throw your iphone away! – you just need to type in the full URL including the http:// part and success!!

So you would need to type in then and only then will the website display (you actually don’t always need the www. part)

So come on Apple get a grip!

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