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Be warned another new scam – UK Corporate Portal

This one looks really really official but its a scam and it can cost you!!

be warned!!

Anything that you are not sure about read carefully and if in doubt Google it!

Basically its a letter about asking for your VAT registration number to be inputted to the UK Corporate Portal 2014 – it all looks pretty straight forward and looks pretty official too – The company is in Germany – so the alarm bells start to sound! (TVV tele verzeichnis verlag gmbh)

however read the very small print – only on the online form and you will see that it will cost you £797 a year for 3 years!!! ie £2391 and yes its enforceable if you sign it!!

PLEASE be very careful and bin this!!

Please share and pass this along so that we do not fall for this scam

new .UK domain names – don’t be fooled by the scam via mobile

The .uk domain names are due out on 10 June 2014 – yes exciting

however I am writing about the fact that there seems to be a scam running around via a company calling themselves who are contacting people via their mobile and telling them to “claim” their new .uk domain name now

Now a couple of things

  • If you own the unique,,,, or domainnames then the shorted >UK version will automatically be reserved for you until June 2019
  • If you decide that you do not want it – then and only then will it become available to others
  • They are not yet available to purchase – so don’t use any other company!

Nominet runs the “uk” domain names – and so you can read more about them here and you can also check their “rights” tool which shows who gets first refusal

So don’t get caught up purchasing something from this company targeting you – you don’t need to – more often than not their are either charging more than they need or are tying you in to other things.

If you are unsure about all of this – contact me – and I can tell you what will happen regards to your own domain name

If in doubt ask!

New TLD’s and Apple / Safari

Well most people know that I am not a huge Apple fan – to be honest the cost throws me every time – plus they do tend to try to limit the market (remember no flash for apple products!)

However now I believe that Apple really are taking the mic!

Did you know that if you have purchased one of the new TLD’s – it won’t work in your iphone, ipad or any phone or tablet that uses the safari browser

By new TLD’s I mean: .london, .photography, .guru, .photos – so instead of – it would read (don’t try it because I haven’t bought it!)

But shockingly Apple has not yet managed to patch the safari browser to accept that .photography is the same as or .com!!! Chrome, Firefox and IE (Yes IE another bad one) have managed this – but sadly not Apple

Apple have been aware of this since January 2014 – and still no fix

The solution

Yes there is a solution – and no its not throw your iphone away! – you just need to type in the full URL including the http:// part and success!!

So you would need to type in then and only then will the website display (you actually don’t always need the www. part)

So come on Apple get a grip!

Backup! Backup! Backup!

After having a silly moment when I realised that I had deleted my website from the server – all I needed to do was unpack and upload my backup to get the my website back up and running

but what if I didn’t have a backup

yep pretty silly for a web designer to have no website!

You never know when you will need a backup – so if you do nothing else today – backup – your files, website, emails

Most people use a CMS called wordpress for their website – which has many great utilities to help you backup – you can even schedule them… is it a good idea – oh definitely yes!

So I say again – have you backup today??

Fire and Safety Team – testimonial

Fire & Safety Team
Fire & Safety Team
Kevin and I have had the privilege of knowing Sarah for over five (5) years. Sarah has always offered us unbiased, professional and friendly advice, including options to explore other providers. Such a transparent approach is something that we value highly. We therefore, did not have to think twice about asking Sarah to support us with our company rebranding and website creation.

Finding a suitable company name to reflect our fire safety services and the business expansion, that would work well on the website was a challenge, but Sarah carefully steered us in the right direction until FAST (Fire & Safety Team) was born.

Sarah patiently took on board what we did not want for our website; which was probably the full extent of our initial input. From that Sarah compiled a loose frame work, gave me an action list, which she then supported me step by step to complete and came up with some logo ideas for us to choose from.

When we started the project, the work load seemed very daunting, but Sarah encouraged me to produce bite size pieces of work as and when I could. The end result is a completed website without too much effort on my part.

In addition to the website, Sarah supported us to put together an announcement on the change of company name and produced some amazing e-mail signatures and letterhead designs, as well as working alongside Your IT Workplace to ensure everything worked well with our new IT systems.

Kevin and I are very pleased with the website. We have received some positive feedback from both clients and suppliers.

Sarah continues to support us in the early stages of managing our website.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Web Squared.

Jacqui Mundy

Mancey Interiors – testimonial

Mancey Interiors
Mancey Interiors
After running my own business for over 20 years I decided that it was time for me to have an online presence by way of a website.

After speaking to a number of people Sarah Large came highly recommended. Following my first meeting with Sarah I felt confident that she understood my perspective and what I wanted to achieve with my website.

I found the whole process incredibly daunting initially but with Sarah always there, patient and understanding, constantly offering an enormous amount of encouragement my website came together seamlessly.

Sarah is a true professional from start to finish; I am incredibly proud of my finished website and cannot thank Sarah enough.

She is an amazingly talented individual who listens to her clients requirements and interprets them to an exceptionally high standard, I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for advice and assistance with their online presence.

Nicki Mancey – Mancey interiors

Warning new virus alert – never open an attachment you are not expecting!

We would like to let you know about a particularly destructive virus now being sent around on the Internet. It arrives by email, or occasionally an infected website.

The email will have a zip attachment which contains an executable file. If you run the file in the zip by double clicking it, the virus will activate.

The virus writers have been very clever, so the attachment may well be disguised as a PDF report, or an Excel spreadsheet. It may also have the correct logo for those file types.

If you run the file, it activates and does the following damage:

– Searches your PC for documents and encrypts them
– Searches any network drives you might have and encrypts the files there
– Looks for any memory keys or backup drives and encrypts the files there

Once the files are encrypted, there is no longer any way to open them.

You will then be presented with a link to pay $300 to get the files back. We cannot get the files back for you other than from backups that are performed on your server files. Any files not in the backup, along with changes since the last backup, are lost unless the charge is paid!

We have already had numerous home users call us who have lost:

– Photos
– Financial documents
– Other important data

Whilst Sophos and the email filtering system catch the majority of these viruses, they are being released in huge numbers, very quickly. As a result, they can sometimes get through before the systems have had a chance to update.
It is imperative, therefore, that your staff are made aware of the situation and to be extremely suspicious of any email that arrives with a zip attachment.

Testimonial – The Coaching Project

The Coaching Project
The Coaching Project

Sarah has recently designed another website for me and I am once again delighted with the result. As always she listened carefully to the brief, came up with a cracking design, showed enormous patience as I agonised over every last detail and cared as much as I did about the finished product. She is an absolute joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.

P3 Electrical Services

P3 electrical services
P3 electrical services

We at P3 previously had a site designed for us, however that site never came to fruition. When I began corresponding with Sarah I would have to admit I didn’t really know what I wanted from a site.

Sarah took the knowledge she had gained about our business and soon produced a template which suited our needs.From that moment there was no looking back, and in no time at all we had a site up and running.

We found Sarah to be extremely knowledgeable in what she does, there was never any delay in altering/adding to the site.

The price was extremely good and We would recommend her services to anyone.

Well done and thank you for a first class service.

Gary Beard (Partner) P3 Electrical Services

Shelina Mawji Press Pause

Since I first began talking to Sarah Large (Web-squared) about redesigning the Press Pause website, I have been simply amazed by her attitude, professionalism and skill.

Sarah is not just amazingly good at what she does but is a great person as well. Her refreshingly positive attitude is something I have certainly learnt from.

Her creative talents, both in design and technical areas are brilliant, not once have I been told something cannot be done, instead Sarah has carefully learnt about Press Pause and come up with very clever solutions to any problems posed.

Throughout my business relationship with Sarah, I have always felt that sarah really does care about Press Pause, its business results, and on-going developments.

I am thrilled with the new website and feel very reassured knowing that this is beginning of what is sure to be a long relationship between Press Pause and WebSquared.

Shelina Mawji Press Pause

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As a serial entrepreneur it is wonderful to have people in your team that you can rely on to get new ventures off the ground. Sarah’s ability to interpret my (often ill defined) ideas and design websites and other collateral is invaluable. I shall continue to work with her, and appreciate her feedback, for some time to come.

Caroline Billington –