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Web Squared has moved!

Most of you will already have had an email from me – but I have moved house and therefore moved offices – just into temporary space for now – whilst we look for our dream house and office. So please can you only use my mobile number to contact me 07778 773 207 as BT …

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Spam Texts from DPD doing the rounds

Just got this text also from 07927167786 that says DPD UK: you have a parcel that requires your attention. You can track your deliveries by visiting Total spam – do not click the link – delete text and ignore it If you did click the link it sent you to a fake DPD website …

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GoDaddy Breach

More GoDaddy Managed WordPress Woes

Wordfence has alerted us, again to more issues with GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosted websites – I am linking to their main article here – I suggest you give it a read. More and more we are seeing that WordPress is being a target of attacks – the more popular a system is the more people …

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follow your dreams

Follow your dreams, they know the way

I recently came across this inspirational quote and it really resonated with me, so its become my banner for my welcome to 2022 New Year’s post. 2022 has started once again with a little bit of uncertainty, however I smell or maybe just feel a bit more positivity in the air. So this year what …

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GoDaddy Breach

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Data Breach

If you own a GoDaddy Managed WordPress account then you could have had your data stolen and breached. Wordfence have reported this issue in more details here, however the gist is; If you have a GoDaddy Managed WordPress account then your details and your passwords have been made available to hackers for almost 2 months! …

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happy 18th

Happy 18th Birthday

Good old LinkedIn always reminds me when the company has a birthday – this year is 18 years! Which means Web Squared is legally able to have a drink! Reflecting back on those years is interesting – on how the business has changed and how things in the web industry have shifted. However one thing …

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Keep moving forward

Lockdown #3 – the home stretch we hope

Once again we find ourselves in another lockdown – in just 8 short weeks its March again and when we thought that we were seeing out the other side back into lockdown we go. HOWEVER I for one am not letting this get me down – I believe that this is the home stretch – …

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Merry Christmas

Farewell to 2020! Merry Christmas from Web Squared

Well what a year! Its certainly not the year I was expecting when I look back at my ‘Merry Christmas 2019’ email I sent out! However 2021 is on the horizon and with that comes hope, whilst we are not out of the woods yet there is a glimmer on the horizon. So my Christmas …

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