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Facebook Protect – is the email real?

facebook protect

Have you had an email from Facebook – saying that they want to secure your account with Facebook Protect??

This email looks so like a phishing scam email that I had to check it out for myself as I just was not 100% sure. The email is sent from – which IS a valid facebook domain name, and in fact the email itself is valid and is NOT a scam!

However I still would never click the link in the email…

So if you get one of these Facebook Protect emails then is dead simple – hop over to your facebook account,

  • click the arrow top right,
  • click Settings and Privacy,
  • click Settings again,
  • then into Security and Login – at the top there should be a section that says Facebook Protect is ON or OFF.
  • click to SET UP or MANAGE and follow the set up instructions that facebook lead you through.

That’s it!

ANY problems as always drop me a call or email..

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