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Is your website slow… ?

In this day and age people always want things now, immediatly – we don’t like to wait. We are busy busy busy and need things now now now – mobile phones, tablets, ipads all of this technology means that so much is right at our fingers tips when we are out and about. Which is great – it means that your website has the ability to reach people wherever they are and whenever they want


If your website is slow to load – user be gone!

Yes we are still so very fickle – and impatient!

So how does YOUR website stand up to the speed test? Have YOU tried your website whilst out and about? How does it compare?

We have a number of tools available to us to test this “speed”, and to name two. If you use either of them you will see heaps of information on the speed, with suggestions to make it faster. GREAT – well kind of…!

These tools are great – if you know how to read them – which isn’t always that simple – and sometimes we can spend £££ getting A ratings and making sure every line is crossed and i dotted – and still that often just isn’t enough! Don’t forget that the user end plays a bit part too – the broadband, wifi or phone signal people are using will also play a big part – but the user won’t think that – they won’t blame themselves – the’ll be off looking for a website that is faster than yours (if yours is too slow)

So what else can you do? Well check your web host

Yep sometimes you can do everything possible to make your website faster and it just doesn’t quite get there, its slow to work on.. its slow to load – everything you can do you have done – anything else you need to change your own website – so do you remove things from your site that might be helpful to your customers to satisfy the speed??

No you change your host (of course speaking to them first usually helps but in some hosting companies they are just not geared up for maximum speed).

So here are a couple of web hosts that I use that I have found to be great on speed:

  • Kualo – green web hosting – but also surprisingly spritely and great pricing too
  • Kinsta – this however is my go to web host for large sites that need speed! These guys do not do email – but boy do they do speed!

So if you have a website that you think is slow or could be faster, give me a call / email and lets have a chat and see if we can make it move up a gear!

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