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More GoDaddy Managed WordPress Woes

Wordfence has alerted us, again to more issues with GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosted websites – I am linking to their main article here – I suggest you give it a read.

More and more we are seeing that WordPress is being a target of attacks – the more popular a system is the more people want to tear it down.

If you own or look after or have access to a WordPress website – please make sure that you:

  • Use STRONG passwords – at least 8+ digits in length
  • Force STRONG password use for your Users – not just your database passwords
  • Reset SALT on the site
  • ALWAYS have a security plugin installed – 2 of the ones that I recommend are: Wordfence (of course!) and also WP Cerber both offer free versions – as well as paid versions.
  • NEVER share your password with anyone
  • Only ever use well known and trusted plugins
  • Use a secure and well known GOOD hosting company – Kualo, Kinsta, Siteground, that takes security seriously! and probably one that also has dedicated wordpress hosting (for speed as well as security)
  • lastly, KEEP wordpress up to date!! this is very important

WordPress now-a-days allows you to set up auto-renew, this will go some way to making sure that your plugins stay up to date.

Remember if your wordpress website is key for your business (ecommerce online order maybe?) then you need to look after it and protect it.


Don’t forget that I manage and maintain my customers websites for them – so if you don’t want to do it – contact me. Either way someone needs to do it!

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