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Web Squared offers two types of pricing packages – fixed rate and hourly rate.

Fixed Rates

A fixed rate website can be a quick and easy route to getting a site up and running. Fixed rate sites have a set specification.

  • Fixed Plan A – £1,150 (<5 page static site)
  • Fixed Plan B – £1,640 (5-12 page static site)
  • Fixed Plan C – £2,130 (wordpress site)
  • Fixed Plan D – £3,840 (Ecommerce site)

All the fixed plans A-D include the following items:

  • 1 years hosting
  • First years Security Certificate
  • Logo design
  • Layout design
  • Domain (.com or for 2 years
  • SSL install (in some cases this is free otherwise a yearly ongoing cost)
  • Selection of stock imagery

Hourly Rates

The hourly rates can be used for maintenance or consultancy on an existing site, please contact me for more details.


As a serial entrepreneur it is wonderful to have people in your team that you can rely on to get new ventures off the ground. Sarah’s ability to interpret my (often ill defined) ideas and design websites and other collateral is invaluable. I shall continue to work with her, and appreciate her feedback, for some time to come.

Caroline Billington –