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Website Development

Website Development is just a fancy word – right? No this encompasses everything that we do. Some companies are designers and some are developers, finding a company that does both is the best start.

Website design

This is the created of your logo, layout and any promotional printed artwork. This is a key stage because you have to get the look right.

Website development

This is what happens when you take that layout and make it into a working website. Now this can be quite key – there are many many ways in which you can create that layout into a website. Some are better and some are worse than others!

Does it matter? Yes actually at the end of the day you want your website to be found by search engines and thus new clients or customers. Search engines read code and text – and if your code, images, text is not easy or even possible to be read by the search engines – well how can they read it!?

Some websites move or are interactive this is also the job of the developer, so any online store that stores your details and lets you buy items – that is what a developer does.

Why is all this important?

We feel that a layout design that you have chosen – should be exactly what you see as your website – on your machine and on other peoples machines. A good developer will spend that extra time making sure that this happens. Why spend all that time getting the design exactly right and then the website not looking like it!

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