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How does your website look in other browsers?

Its always a big task for any web designer to ensure that the website that you have created – actually works and perform and displays the same across a variety of browsers and applications.

So without having them all – how is this possible!

Is your website slow?

Is your website slow?
Do the images take a long time to load?
Do you get bored waiting for the content to display?

Flashing adverts

Its a personal bug bear to me – that when I am trying to read a website I am constantly distracted by an advert – that is flashing and catching my eye.
If that is your advert – do you think GREAT its catching your eye?
Or do we then think – would anyone buy from an advert that annoyed them?

SSL, https – is this site secure?

You will probably have used a site that uses a security certificate or SSL (secure sockets layer) – basically anytime that you have paid for something online you will be using a secure website

First Impressions – last

Now I have a personal issue with some email accounts these are namely hotmail/yahoo/AOL – don’t get me wrong when they started it was great that people could get email for free! However nowadays these are often used for/by spammers to attack your systems and avoid detection.

£100 websites – do you get what you pay for?

Simple answer is yes – you get what you pay for.

There are a few adverts on TV these days that talk about creating and setting up your own website – simply and easily – and for a very low price.

Obviously this is not something I want people to do – so obviously I will say its wrong! However instead I will give you my thoughts on these types of services – the pros and cons!

CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-W – Shortcuts what do they all do!

My Top Ten Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to get things done much quicker. Who needs a mouse these days!! So here are some of my top keyboard shortcuts! CTRL-C – Copy CTRL-V – Paste CTRL-X – Cut CTRL-W – Close (this works for most applications from browsers upwards!) CTRL-S – Save CTRL-P – …

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Want your own blog?

Basically a blog is like an online diary – it allows you to vent/write or just keep in touch with your customers, friends, family and anyone really!

Hosting – what is it and where do I get it?

Hosting is like renting space on a computer in the never-never that you then “put” your website files onto – which allows everyone to see it. Again you only ever rent your hosting (you can actually buy it but that is very expensive and not required for most small businesses). Hosting is usually purchased on …

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As a serial entrepreneur it is wonderful to have people in your team that you can rely on to get new ventures off the ground. Sarah’s ability to interpret my (often ill defined) ideas and design websites and other collateral is invaluable. I shall continue to work with her, and appreciate her feedback, for some time to come.

Caroline Billington –