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Do I own my domain name?

Its a popular misconception that once you “buy” a domain name you own it – in fact you only ever rent your domain name(s).

Most domain names are purchased in two year intervals and .com’s in one year. You can however purchase your domain name for more years than that if you would like.

But don’t worry while you continue to pay for your domain name no one else can use it – unless – you stop paying for it!

Some web companies purchase the domain names on behalf of their clients – this is often standard practice, however you must ensure that they buy the domain name IN YOUR NAME. Not in their own – as the registered name of the domain is who actually owns it.

You are can also buy the domain name yourself – there is 100’s of companies that allow you too purchase domain names – LCN (low cost names) I have found to be very good and also a good price too.

Just don’t forget to keep the access details of where you bought that domain name – as I spend most days hunting down domains and getting access for clients.

I will explain more in my next post about why you need access for your domains.


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