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Ecommerce is a great thing – it means you can shop from the comfort of your own home at your own time. Whilst you might not get the personal 1-2-1 services from some shops – buying online lets your product get to SO many more people!

You must get it right! next time you buy something online – or maybe decided not too – think why? Why did you not buy from X website but you did buy from Y? Those are the things that make an ecommerce website good rather than bad. Customers get bored, get frustrated and they don’t know your products like you do! So you make your website

All of these things make your customers’ shopping experience better, the better the experience the more they will come back – the more they will tell others!

What’s in it for you?

Money – no really the better the site works the more orders you get BUT the added extras are what counts too, here are just some of the standard items we use for online stores – all from a click of a button!

and if that’s not enough here are just some of the modules you can “add on”

and much much more…

To set up an ecommerce website your server must have PHP and MySQL, see hosting for more details.