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spam emails

Don’t fall for it – it’s spam!

Spam, hacks, spoofing, phishing its all a bit of a mind field really! We have a lot of software now to protect us from email spam, viruses and the like but often it comes down to the user – how do YOU know what is what .. some of these emails can look very very …

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Unstable times – I am here

An email that I sent to my clients earlier today – I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am around, I am working and I will continue to carry on working throughout this current unstable and unsure time. As business owners things are very much up in the air however that …

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Let’s Encrypt CAA security error – does your SSL need renewing?

Let’s Encrypt has recently found a bug in their code for checking and allowing security certificates (SSL) for websites. Originally they were just going to withdraw the 3 million SSL’s effected! Which would have meant potentially 3 million websites would have failed SSL checks and would have been flagged as “this site is unsecure”, luckily …

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January 14th 2020 – Windows 7 is no more

One of my favourite Windows’ operating system – Windows 7 – will no longer be supported, will no longer have security updates, in fact it’ll be the end of Windows 7 as we know it.

Is your website slow… ?

So how does YOUR website stand up to the speed test? Have YOU tried your website whilst out and about? How do you compare?

Updating facebook page map!

For anyone else that is trying to work out how edit a page settings in facebook to change the map location, is not that simple!! But it is when you know how


As a serial entrepreneur it is wonderful to have people in your team that you can rely on to get new ventures off the ground. Sarah’s ability to interpret my (often ill defined) ideas and design websites and other collateral is invaluable. I shall continue to work with her, and appreciate her feedback, for some time to come.

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